Did you notice? We change partners but issues in new relationships stay the same… This pattern keeps repeating, even after painful breakups … You can’t help but ask “Why is it happening to me?” While our mind is looking for an explanation, we are thinking: “Maybe that`s who I am, maybe it`s my destiny… And that`s what I deserve…” These thoughts can make us feel stuck, physically and emotionally sick.

Science explains this behavior …

When we were kids, before our mind was fully developed, we took in all the information about life, relationships, career, money, poverty or success, wrong or right as the only existing truth and now as being adults, our developed mind still protects those beliefs as much as it can. It is resisting us from going against our subconscious mind, which mostly develops in our early childhood.

Clinical hypnosis brings a solution to this common problem. There`s a way to change the negative patterns in life. Stop protecting your negative life script and transform it with hypnosis to create a life you always wanted.

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