Hypnotherapy enables you to attract optimistic ideas while you are in a relaxed dream-like state, leaving you to act and think in a far more calm, confident and positive manner. Some people have been stuck living over and over again a trauma or bereavement, and this emotional pain can last for months and years. Hypnosis is proven to be very helpful in assisting to leave the past behind and find an inner peace.
Hypnotherapy can also help with anxiety or panic attacks, giving up smoking, reducing caffeine intake, losing weight, raising self-esteem, confidence, solving relationship problems and much more.
You will never lose control during hypnosis, because a part of your conscious mind is always present.
Hypnosis is a totally natural, secure, relaxing and medication-free state.

Hypnotherapy Works for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, and More

Smoking cessation or overeating can mean different things to different people. For example, for some people smoking can mean relaxation or enjoyment, which makes it difficult to give up smoking without the help of hypnosis.
Lots of sugary food can feel comforting and rewarding, while ruining health and even life for some people. So in hypnosis we will keep all the enjoyment in, taking out the negative part, such as unhealthy eating or breathing in poisonous nicotine.
Replacing a bad habit with a good one, keeping all the positive associations such as feeling calm and safe is the best way to enjoy healthy living without missing out all the fun! And hypnosis definitely is the best way to go!

Peak Performance

Masha aims to facilitate you overcome any barriers on the way to success. She provides hypnotherapy that can be extremely helpful to performers because she helps the mind to focus on the most skillful performances in the past, so that when you come to perform in the future you can sing, play or act to your very best abilities. Put simply, hypnotherapy can help your performances be more ‘in flow’, less anxious and more enjoyable.

Defeat Anxiety With Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a totally natural, calm and relaxed state which can dissolve your anxiety, replacing it with the state of calmness every time when you face people or situations that made you feel anxious in the past.
With the help of hypnosis, we first transform our subconscious mind to believe that we are healthy and successful, and then these changes materialize coming to life, because the great future starts with a great idea in mind!

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