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Hypnosis is a natural state, which we experience several times a day. It is absolutely safe and it feels like daydreaming or similar to how one feels right before they fall asleep. In the state of Hypnosis, the body is relaxed but the person is able to use and focus their attention to thoughts, feelings and sense perceptions while blocking out other distractions such as disturbing sounds or thoughts. The hypnotherapist uses different techniques to put a person under state of hypnosis in order to focus a patient on a certain positive change or improvement.

When you see one person controlling another in the movie it is absolutely fake. No hypnotist can control another person without that person knowing what is going on. It is a little different for stage hypnosis, where self-acclaimed hypnotist will use primitive technic to put some participants under hypnosis and have them play along with his show. Even then, these participants fully aware of their environment and surroundings but wish to participate for fun. On another hand, hypnotherapy hypnosis is very real. With clinical hypnotherapy it is now possible to put each and every person under hypnosis for many great benefits.

When your body is relaxed and the mind is focused on something, you are in the state of hypnosis. In this hypnotic state your critical mind is highly suggestible and easily accepts new suggestions. With the help of hypnosis, it is possible to rewrite the script and change the association about an issue or simply improve a certain behavior. For example, if you know that drinking enough water during the day is necessary for your health but you don`t like to drink water for whatever reason, this negative association can be replaced with a positive one through hypnosis, so you will enjoy drinking water. This can be applied to any habit, thought, emotion, fear, phobia and so on. Hypnosis also can assist with healing through special techniques, symbols, stories, images and direct suggestions.

Self-hypnosis is a type of meditation in which you lead yourself to positive thoughts, while being relaxed it is a great tool if you are in a positive state of mind. However, if you feel depressed or deeply upset and you are not experienced in self-hypnosis, you may deepen this negative condition through self-hypnosis. In such a case it is better to ask for the professional help of a hypnotherapist, who will lead you only to the positive state of mind.

Nobody can make you do or say something against your will, because a part of mind is always present even if you are in a deep state of hypnosis. Under hypnosis you will hear, remember and understand everything that`s said. You will accept only suggestions which were discussed with you before the hypnotic part of the session begins.

It depends on the issue at hand. Every person is unique. Some clients need just one or two sessions and for others it`s a long term therapy. I normally provide an audio recording of the session, so a client can reinforce the suggestions by listening to the audio, tailored for his personal needs.

The list of hypnosis benefits is huge. Hypnosis can greatly help with improving or eliminating fears, phobias, habit control, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, self-confidence, health, weight management, success orientation, forgiveness, happiness, pain control, giving a birth, child`s behavior modification, test anxiety, recall, stress relief, peacefulness, calmness, relaxation and so on. For clients with spiritual beliefs I offer past-life regression and energy balancing hypnosis. Please read this article for more information on what hypnosis can do for you:146 WAYS HYPNOTHERAPY MIGHT HELP YOU.

Hypnosis is an absolutely natural state of relaxation. It is very similar to meditation. You will hear and remember everything and if there`s a need to snap out of it, you can easily do it by opening the eyes and stretching out, but don`t be surprised when you find the state of hypnosis very comfortable and safe, because under hypnosis your mind takes a break from everyday stress and resets itself in a positive way.

Usually a session is 1.5 hours. First, Masha will discuss the issue and suggestions you want to be given to you during hypnosis. Then she will guide you to the state of hypnosis and through varies techniques she will suggest the positive changes you have chosen for yourself. The Hypnotic part of the session normally lasts about 30 min. After this time, Masha will count down to comfortably get you out of hypnosis.

First of all, you want to make sure that your hypnotherapist has a proper education, experience and knowledge about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. You would be surprised to know how many people call themselves hypnotherapists after a 2-3 day course. Hypnotherapy is a very serious profession which requires a lot of knowledge and it is very important to o choose somebody with hundreds of hours of education and proper certifications. As a graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles and Moscow Parapsychology School Masha Solodukha has more than 800 hours of education and extensive experience. Read more About Masha Solodukha.

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