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Hypnosis is not what it is portrayed as in movies and on TV, there will be no dangling of a pendant in front of your eyes and you will not lose control of your thoughts, actions and will power. Hypnosis is actually quite opposite, it is a natural state of focused awareness in which one’s attention is not muddied by the normal hum of thinking. It is a state similar to that produced by mediation, calm, highly sensitive and very natural. Hypnosis happens on a daily basis, more so then one actually realizes, light states of hypnosis occur during day dreaming, as well as the moment between the waking state and the sleep state in which the body is relaxed, mind is calm and pure awareness is most clearly experienced.


Hypnotherapy is when a certified hypnotherapist uses hypnosis for therapeutic benefits such as improving memory, concentration and focus, motivation, working on bad habits, fears, anxieties, plans for success, weight management and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy can help to increase positive feelings and outlooks and help break patterns of old negative associations. This separation from negative patterns combined with the newly implemented positive reinforcement will help an individual in many aspects of their life. Hypnotherapy can help change old behavioral reactions that might have once caused discomfort, it may also bring a new light and zest to an individual with a creatively demanding job, Hypnotherapy can help individuals in any area of one’s life because it does not aim to change the old negative pattern through force but instead to implement new positive reinforcements that will in turn dissolve negative patterns.

A Hypnotherapy session normally is divided into two parts. The first part of the session is a discussion about what the patient is looking to change, improve on, or simply focus on in the session. During this discussion, the hypnotherapist will take necessary key notes and prepare the positive suggestions for the second hypnotic part of the session.

The second half of the session is the hypnotic part of the session. To start, the hypnotherapist will first guide the patient into a state of a deep relaxation. Once the patient is fully relaxed, the hypnotherapist will start implementing the positive suggestions based on the earlier discussion. In this hypnotic state, when the patient is highly suggestible, positive suggestions will replace negative associations in the subconscious mind.

During a deep relaxing state as hypnosis, the person is fully aware of themselves, their surroundings, their senses and all that they perceive. In addition to being aware of this they are completely in control and have full will power meaning that if they do not wish to continue a session they can simply stop the session by opening their eyes and stretching out. Since you have full control and full discernment of what you feel is right for you, you are able and have full capability of deciding which positive suggestions connect with you and your moral code and ethics. Some suggestions that do not connect with you will pass very freely and other suggestions that connect with you will naturally be implemented in the subconscious part of the mind to enforce positive change and growth..

Right after hypnosis, people often report feeling positive, relaxed and happy. Most people feel like they just came out of a deep mediation, peaceful, happy and positive. There is absolutely no time needed to recuperate.

In the coming days, you will start noticing that the positive suggestions that were implemented are becoming the changes you wanted to see and then these changes are becoming your new lifestyle and finally it will come a point that these changes will feel like an automatic as if they were always there.Through hypnosis, you can unlimitedly use the power of your mind to enhance your talents, intuition, improve behavior and health. Hypnosis is an adventure scripted by you; a hypnotherapist is only your guide to the state.

All hypnotherapy sessions are completely confidential. Hypnotherapist will not disclose any information obtained from the patient to anyone unless required to do so by law.



"I found Masha through my Mom’s friend and I decided to try hypnotherapy after nothing else worked. I had a good diet and regularly exercised but kept putting on pounds. Masha was very knowledgeable and intuitive, helping me to find out the real reason of my weight gain. When we worked it out in a 3 sessions, my weight slowly started going down. I now have a lot more energy and I feel better in general."

Allison,  Accountant

"I am really glad I found Masha. My classmate recommended Masha for hypnotherapy and I decided to give it a try. I wanted to lose a few pounds but my will power didn`t work. After our first session I easily lost 7 pounds during the following month. I was surprised how knowledgeable Masha was about healthy dieting and nutrition. I made slight changes in my diet and began hiking a little more. I`m very happy with the result because with hypnosis it didn`t feel like much of an effort. Eating healthy became a very natural habit for me."

Anna,  Nurse

"I`m an artistic person and my job depends on inspiration. I needed to have more control over it because I have deadlines. Masha put me into hypnosis and anchored that state of mind when I`m mostly creative. Now when I need to write something, I just use this anchor and it takes me to my desired state of mind where I am most creative. I highly recommend Masha!"

Arthur,  Entrepreneur

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